Tepa, LLC

Tepa, LLC, is a shared services organization owned by the Paskenta Band of Nomlaki Indians. It provides common leadership, administration and management for the Tepa Companies. As the holding company, Tepa ensures clients receive the greatest efficiencies, cost benefits and quality from the individual Tepa Companies.

Among the business management services Tepa, LLC, provides to the Tepa Companies:

  • Accounting

  • Administration

  • Business development

  • Estimating

  • Human resources

  • Proposal development

  • Quality control

  • Safety

  • Scheduling

  • Training and professional development

Because Tepa, LLC, provides shared corporate business management services to the Tepa Companies, employees from each company focus solely on their core competencies and deliver outstanding technical performance to their clients.

To learn more about Tepa, LLC, contact Matt Metcalf, Tepa’s Chief Strategy Officer, at Matt.Metcalf@Tepa.com.